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ELTAS Transformator Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S has adopted advancing to the better always by use of intelligence, science and technology elements as the basic philosophy since its foundation. Sound ground with 34-year company history, the top management not losing the excitement, dynamism of young staff and production capabilities supported by efficient engineering organization contribute ELTAS A.S to make difference in the sector day by day. ELTAS A.S product portfolio is ;oil type power and distribution transformers 420 kV voltage rate up to 250 MVA, Cast Resin Transformers 36 kV voltage rate up to 25 MVA and reactor up to 40 MVA. Transformers are exported more than forty countries in four continents mainly Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, The Netherlands, Jordan, Germany, Holland, USA, Russia, Nigeria, Iraq, Egypt, Kongo, Etopia. ELTAS AS produces the transformers under the policies of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health and safety management system TS 18001 OHSAS. Our oil immersed and cast resin dry type transformers have certificates of TSE and GOST Russia. Regarding the technical certifications, Cast resin dry type transformers have certificates of Environmental (E2) and climatic (C2) behavior test; and Fire Behavior Test (F1) mentioned at IEC 60076–11 ve TSE EN 60076-11. Environmental (E2) and climatic (C2) behavior tests performed at Kema Laboratories at Netherlands. Protocol number 07/1424 and Fire Behavior Test (F1) performed at Cesi Laboratories at Italy. Protocol number A8003390. Both oil immersed type and cast resin type transformers have short circuit strength test reports, performed at CESI, KEMA, IPH, ZKU laboratories. In addition to that, ELTAS Test Laboratory has been accredited since 2010 in accordance with TS EN 17025 standard since 2010. Beside to that, our earthquake-resistant dry type transformer 1600 KVA 34.5 / 0.4 KV produced according to the design specifications of IEC 60076-11 and in Tedas specifications “Horizontally 0.5 g, vertically 0.4 g” acceleration values, was tested at VIRLAB Seismic Testing Laboratories in Spain acc. To EN 60068-3:3-1993 and successfully passed the test on the first time. We are one of the few companies managing to prove its seismic resistant transformer all around the world. Every transformer has been designed according to countries’ technical regulation and customer requests. We serve to most sectors beside to electricity distribution authorities. Petrochemical plants, cement plants, steel plants, infrastructure, renewable energy projects, industrial facilities are some of them. Our transformers are used in almost every city of Turkey at building / construction sector, airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centers, industrial area and nearly to 44 countries around the world. Every transformer is controlled by our quality team with all respect from design stage up to delivery and service. All of our products are manufactured with respect to environmental conditions like studies of reducing carbon emission and effective usage of natural sources. We are proud of serving our customers as aware of importance of environmental conditions besides of trouble free and continuous energy flow Our references are always assurance of our quality. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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